About Pan’s Demonium


Hello and thank you for inquiring. If you would like to make a donation via Paypal to support this site, please use the following paypal button: 

Pan’s Demonium is a pet project of mine. A social network for Pagans, witches, and the spiritually-inclined. There are few boundaries here and this site will serve as a private refuge for those who wish to express themselves without inhibitions. This network is a work in progress, but I will be improving it slowly. There MAY eventually be a fee of $1 per month charged per member for upkeep and to support any upgrades that will be added, that still needs to be determined as of yet, however I will be funding this site mostly myself. RIGHT NOW THIS SITE IS COMPLETELY FREE.

I hope you find it entertaining and freeing as well as educational and perhaps soon, prosperous, as there will be a place here for advertising – services, readings, Pagan artwork, and such.

Pan’s Demonium is in beta form at the moment, but will be ready to launch, hopefully within 60-days. Feel free to sign up, either by email or via Facebook. There will be no fees until the site is completely ready for operation, so explore and please, give me feedback.

If you would rather be added to a list that will be notified once this site is complete, please send an email with “Pan’s Demonium” in the description to sinmadison@gmail.com, and I will add you to the list.

Brightest blessings and IO Pan!

~ Sin Madison